If you looking for a classic jar to store some delightful goodies look no further! When your event tables are laden with stunning over the top décor and you want a simple but stylish container to hold candies or treats, then these jars are a perfect choice. The jars are made from glass and feature a silver metal screw top. They can hold 3 1/2 fluid oz of glorious fudge, honey, home made jam or other special treats of your choice. You can also fill them with beads, pearls or trendy gadgets to enchant your guests. Let your imagination run wild and use these plain jars to add a great fun feature to your event. Size of the jar is 3 1/4" x 1 3/4". Can hold 3 1/2 fluid oz capacity

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Perfectly Plain Glass Mason Jar With Silver Metal Screw Top

SKU: FC-3210-1180

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